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I am fascinated by the vibrancy of late autumnal colour,  followed by foliage and flower disintegration and subsequent formation of stunning seedheads.  Have you checked your garden out recently?



On the 26th March, I sowed these  Thompson and Morgan and Sarah Raven seeds in my unheated greenhouse,  I am so happy with the results,  flowering just in time for my recent 50th birthday.




September continues to be an incredibly good working month. Vast amount of blue sky, accompanied by great light levels. I can confirm life as a gardener is so much more fun when it is not raining.






We have definitely headed out of Summer. The morning air has a fantastic sharp Autumn resonance to it.

Judy’s dahlias are blooming to perfection. I think they look even better than last weeks images. I must write to Sarah Raven to tell her how great they are.


I have finally visited Aberglasney gardens in Carmarthenshire. The late Summer colour in the borders and the use of dahlias was incredibly beautiful and quite perfect. Tithonia and Marigolds towering in the potager. You really should make time to visit this truly stunning restoration project.



  Last weeks return to work after a fortnight off was a visual greeting of fuchsia pink, acid yellow, purple and vivid orange. Colours that remind me of the vibrancy of the paintings of Howard Hodgkin.


september     2013 053Combinations of colours that I might normally flinch at suddenly become just perfect.


Dahlias, are under going some what of a resurgence at the moment. These belong to my gardening friend Judy. A rare thing for me but I have developed Dahlia envy.


I wonder which group of plants will become super fashionable again for gardens ? Even though they have never really gone away – grasses are an invaluable element, I think they deserve greater prominence – particularly in domestic gardens. Looking majestic when perennials weave their way through, or when they are planted in single cultivar blocks.

I just wish I could get my customers to get excited about grasses and pampass in particular. I once planted a huge border with a combination of Pampass and silver birch. In winter the combination of white stem, and plume like silvery panicles looked stunning. I am completely aware of its monstrous growth capabilities. Definitely not a plant for a balcony or a container.