Bare root  Amelanchier canadensis and Betula pendula have now joined  Eleanor’s garden.

005 These silver  birch were around 80cm in height when planted six years ago.  They now stand at a good three metres, with their  white bark looking  stunning from the house – particularly  in  winter.

Amelanchier canadensis are a new addition this winter.  They  have been planted in semi shade and with the  garden soil being acidic and moist  they should be happy.  By planting closely in groups of three I have created a multi stemmed effect.  Truly   beautiful white spring blossom  and rich autumnal colour in variations of purple, red and orange makes this one of my favourite trees to plant.

Bare root plants are available in most garden centres and nurseries through the winter planting season.  They are incredibly economical to buy, really simple to plant and grow away fast.    I  use a spade to make a notch and then  drop the roots in, covering up to the point of where the sapling  had previously been growing in the ground.

If you have sufficient space, planting bare root is a really affordable way to add structure to your garden this winter.  Why not give it a go ?