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Snow followed by frost, it was all quite magical.  Gardens are now soggy and squelching towards the end of the year  – thank goodness I am on my Christmas break.

Willow, dogwood and birch have been my plants of choice for presents.   Wendy  (my upholsterer friend ) has a chair spring included within hers.

Tiny flower candles became my inspiration for this table arrangement.


I love  these curved willow arrangements, and with being inserted into florist foam, they are highly likely to take root –  what a  bonus !


Why not step into your garden and return with a handful of stems and make your own ?

I have finally finished for Christmas.  Time to put my Niwaki secateurs down for a while  and just be.  This year my  Winter door garlands have gone from petite to super sized.  Here are a few more  I made this week. Tomorrow I will finally have time to be make one for myself. I think it will be a combination of willow, buttons and pheasant feathers on quite a grand  scale.   Happy Christmas everyone.


As a gardener, Winter work has  expanded to include  my latest venture of designing door garlands. I run workshops, attend Winter fairs, and new for this year is the door garland party.  Over an evening we eat, drink and I assist in the making of the aforesaid. Believe me they  are a great deal of creative fun.

Moss covered wire frames are my base of choice.  Blue spruce and contorted hazel are a firm favorite. Followed by wire,buttons,
clay baking beans,pheasant feathers,bark and chilli peppers.


Ten more orders to make, then I can finally create one for home…

When is a twig not a twig ? when it becomes a door garland .   Twigs and Chilli Peppers for  Suree


Twigs , oranges and rosemary for  Lucy  at the Raven Hotel  – Much Wenlock


Buttons, wire flowers and Crocosmia  seed heads  for Mary – twenty twenty Art Gallery Much Wenlock.


Here are some I made earlier – Feathers, wire flowers  and willow

december   2013 302

Hazel, chilli and pheasant feathers – Suree again

february 2014 062

The reality of it all..


Runner up in the garland competition – blue spruce, hazel and Physalis – sold to Mary


Winner of the 2014 “Sallys Garden”  garland competition white buttons, twigs and hazel.  Unfortunately I sold it.