Being a gardener by profession, I do work in the rain (otherwise income generation would be sadly lacking ).  At home, I fully admit to being a fair weather gardener.

This has proven to be quite a trying winter.  Rain, snow, sleet to name but a few.  I relied heavily upon   “Ventile” for waterproofs, “Helly Hansen” for fleece layers, Crag Hopper “Bear Grylls’ work trousers, “Red Back” workboots, and my beany hat knitted by John’s  Great Aunt.

Spring is proving to be quite wet, thankfully I have an idea on how I can garden at home.  It was pouring down this morning, and with weekends being the only time I can really get into my garden I found myself dragging countless containers from the garden into in my greenhouse. 013021011005

I spent several extremely enjoyable hours clearing through them,  dividing perennials,  potting on, and sowing hardy annual seeds back into the containers whilst drinking tea and undertaking all of this from my greenhouse sofa.  Preparing my garden for summer from the warmth and dryness of my greenhouse on a wet and cold April day is a new revelation.

I truly love spending time in my greenhouse, whether I am gardening, reading,  cooking or just being.   With all of this in mind,  I have decided that tomorrow 8th April 2018 is to be Greenhouse Celebration Day.  I intend to be in mine where I will be undertaking all of the above.  If you are in possession of a greenhouse or polytunnel or any space where you grow your own please feel free to join in with this totally free new annual event.  Why not invite your neighbours round, it could turn into a fantastic greenhouse party…