017016014The willow was in need of renovation.  Undecided whether to coppice or pollard I undertook both.  February is quite the perfect time to do either, as the sap has not  risen and birds have not started nesting.

Coppicing may look quite severe, however, the rate of growth will be vigorous –  new growth will reach at least a  metre this year.


I am feverishly removing spent foliage to reveal the growth tips of  bulbs in customers gardens.  Spring is definitely on the way !

018030025February continues to  be  wet, cold, windy, muddy, snow and sleet filled.  However daily sightings of  Hellebores, Crocus, Snowdrops, Cyclamen coum and Cornus Midwinter Fire constantly remind me why I chose to make my career as a gardener.