004I  wanted to learn the basics to enable me to start designing and making willow  structures in customers gardens.  I googled willow weaving workshops.

On Saturday 4th March 2017 I headed off  to Kings Cliffe in Peterborough to an open willow workshop. With  the assistance of Sue Kirk,  an  exceptional  tutor,   I definitely learnt the basics and made a  free-standing plant support.  It  stands  in pride of place in my garden


Others  made complex pieces, which they very kindly allowed me to take  images of.  This is exactly  what I want to be able to create.

My annual visit to Chelsea always finds me on the look out for intricate willow designs. This incredible piece was from  2015.


I have some hazel rods.  I have ordered some brown willow, and when time allows I am going to get into the weave.