It  was too cold for gardening, which  led to a working day  sitting by the fire and drinking coffee.  I spent my time visualising  each garden in my care,   making  notes of everything I would like to  achieve for my clients.  New borders, large-scale sculptural willow projects, renovation projects, new vegetable and soft fruit beds, to name but a few. I  read through  mounds of seed catalogues and horticultural journals, noting must have plants and seeds.  I like productive days,  this definitely was one.

018This image is from Geoff’s garden on Tuesday. Snowdrops emerging through a leaf  mulch.  I loved the way the bulb tips had pierced the foliage.

Birds land by the  stem and branch full  at home, bringing my garden to life .  From my lounge window, on a wet  or frozen day, or any other day come to think of it, it is a truly great space to look out onto, and take winter images.008

P1050057 I will  continue  mulching from the edges whilst standing on boards and finish all  necessary deciduous winter  pruning; as long as it is niether below freezing, or chucking down.

Happy  new year,  and when the weather is right for you happy gardening .