One hundred blogs ago I decided to document my  life as a professional gardener. It  became my work diary which  I thoroughly enjoy writing and sharing.

All the gardens in my care  have  now settled  into my favourite season.  The sharpness of the morning air is ever present.  Punchy and delicate  colours abound in equal measures.   Dahlias, Helianthus,Rudbeckia seed heads, Nerines, Japanese  anenomes are all jostling for my number one spot for favourite October image.  I am incapable of making a decision. I truly love them all.

Below is   my garden.  Aster divercatis,  Miscanthus  Sinensis Morning light and  Bistort Amplexicaulis Alba are still looking  sharp.

Autumn is always  pretty full on work wise.  I am  mainly clearing out unrequired  plants and dividing  perennials and sharing off sets between customers, and thinking about how I can improve the gardens in my care.  One definite way to achieve this is by careful bulb choice.  With this in mind  I am presently scouring the Parkers bulb catalogue to achieve this.