September brings that satisfying Autumnal sharpness in the early morning air, combined with  dew on the grass  it is quite categorically my favourite  month within my gardening year. Many perennials have  gracefully moved from their full on Summer impact to their exquisite  Autumn form,.

My panasonic lumix and I are   partial to a  disintegrating flower and a sculptural seed head.   I garden along the lines of leave a perennial  in situ until  it has collapsed or  I am bored with looking at it.  It is generally the former, as it makes for a far more interesting border. If only  more people   gardened  this way,  rather than  hunting for their secateurs or loppers  at the first sign of petal defoliation and foliage pigment disintegration.

I recommend getting up early to take a slow walk around your garden,check out the dew covered  grass, cobwebs and flowers  it really is quite  stunning, and an extremely positive way  great to start your day.