I really do love spending time in my own garden ( and greenhouse) .   As a self-employed gardener, having spent my working week looking after others, I am perfectly  happy just sitting in mine, being  with friends having a curry and a beer on a Saturday night.  Gardens have the capacity  to be really quite sociable places, and I love mine.

In addition to my own, other gardens I also love include Sheila’s, The Raven’s, Diane and Dom’s, Annabel’s,Geoff’s, Suree’s, Judy’s,Selina’s, Julia’s, Eleanor’s,Wendy’s, and Simon and Treasa’s.  For  the majority I work throughout the entire  year, which allows me to observe their  floral and structural plant dynamics  on a weekly basis,which never disappoints. They are all special places that I truly do enjoy being in.   None of them are weed free,and  ground elder is just another element.

What is my definition of love with regard to gardening ?   – An immense sense of pride, well being, and joy,  and those rare occasions when the combination of plants  makes me quite emotionally charged, when I think I have got it right at that specific moment in time.

Favourite Images from this week follow.  I hope you enjoy them.