Seeds to sow, greenhouse to clean, garden to set out, orchard to strim.  Most importantly  coffee and cake on a daily basis with John and Frey, so much to do, good job  I am  on holiday

002 I started   my seed propagation today. Verbena bonariensis, Broad bean Stereo, Tomato Costoluto Fiorentino and Red Alert being the first.  131Last week  200 willow cuttings were inserted into a boggy  stream side bank  in Eleanor’s garden. I am envisaging  for  summer  a wide  sinuous curve that  will run for twenty metres through and round the Gunnera .  In addition on a  practical side, it will screen  the ever increasing garden waste pile from the house.

133 This stunning Erythronium  Pagoda was in bud was on Friday .  I am hoping  it will still be in flower  on return from my holiday.