To be honest working as a full time gardener this winter  has been quite a long wet slog.  Thankfully the 12th March brought the onset of  spring with bright sunlight and warmer  breezes making  work far more enjoyable . Horticultural treasures are beginning to punch their way out through the earth in celebration.P1050111My favorite spring garden belongs to  Treasa, Simon,Theo,Nathan and Zag (their dog)  This  was the first garden I started  working  in when we moved to Shropshire 8 years ago.  Primroses and toy dinosaurs feature quite  heavily at the moment.april 2013 110Images from gardens this week include – an almost black hellebore013Narcissi Bulbocodium Conspicuous018Euphorbia rigida and  Scillia015Leucojum Vernum012Cardimine quinquefolia 011Today we visited our good friend Paul, who has   created  a   beautiful and productive space within  his polytunnel.  It is  a treasure trove for both the eye and palate, providing a  great space for grazing  on an eclectic mix of salad leaves, or sitting under a  peach tree and relaxing with a book.001Enjoy your garden treasures, whatever their shape, size or form.