035With the arrival of the vast majority of my seeds, plus a  huge  mound  of unopened and saved seed from last year, it was time to sit down, sort through, and  make  a  very large  plan.  I  whittled it down to  forty packets.  I have been sowing at a rate of ten a week.  Twenty down, twenty to go.

044Seriously – my excitement and anticipation is tangible  prior to the  first  green shoots  emerging.  Subsequently followed by  the  scent of growing plants and damp compost  filling the  air. It is a pivotal  time of year in  my   gardening calendar.  I patiently waited until  26th March,  due to the fact that  light levels had started to increase  exponentially.  There  really was  no point in sowing when the greenhouse  was cold and none too bright. In addition the 26th was mothers day and my request for a couple of bags of compost was met.  My first seeds germinated  in exactly seven days.  Every  morning I take a  coffee into my  greenhouse, lifting  propagator lids just to see what’s happening.  I truly find seed propagation addictive.

This year I will be sowing some seeds in mixed batches, in larger modules.  I am hoping that this will reduce the need to prick out   prior to planting out.  I have  mixed Ammi majus with Scabious Burgundy Beau.  I am way behind on making my raised veg beds, so decided to combine spinach in  modules and will plant out into my new beds (when I have made them..)  I have a week off at Easter, and they are on the top of my list, followed by sort out the garden, and strim the orchard.

When it comes to growing flowers I possess limited brakes.   My  palette of seed was chosen  to maximise  wildlife for our  garden, whether for nectar, shelter or  Winter food supply, all of which ultimately  creates  a truly beautiful garden to sit  and relax in after work.

These images are from last year, they are always on my must grow list.  I tend to buy my seeds from Thompson and Morgan and Sarah Raven.  I constantly find the quality of germination, price and customer service really good.

P1040566Verbena bonariensis , with iridescent tiny purple flowers which  bees adore.  Be patient , this  seeds germination rate  is definitely not uniform, often  taking  a few weeks for  all the seedlings to fill the  tray.  It truly amazes me that a sowing in March produces towering plants by late summer.

I have a passion for Tithonia rotundiflora  “Torch”  –  an annual with a textural  velvet like stem and bright orange flowers that last well into  late Autumn,   glowing in the sunshine and the rain.


P1060014Leonotis Leonaurus –  the staircase plant,  another firm favourite.  With a spiky  spherical flower structure, and  bright orange  salvia shaped petals bursting forth.  I grow it every year to provide  a real late Summer blast of brightness.

037So there you have it,  just a few of my seeds of choice .  My main recommendation is sit down,  have a brew and decide what you want to grow.