I  spent a reasonable amount of time deliberating over what to grow this year. In addition  my seed box needed a good sift.


Thanks to Thompson and Morgan and Sarah Ravens seeds My list is now complete, and ordered.   I am particularly looking forward to growing Cosmos Xanthos – which has a compact primrose yellow flower, Echium pininana – a towering biennial of purple  loveliness and  Lisianthus nigrescens which is described as having the blackest flowers in the World and is little know outside its native Mexico – well its on its way to rural Shropshire now.

With regard to seed acquisition  my  comment goes something along the lines of ” if you want to grow it, don’t deliberate, just buy the seed”  I have already left it too late to order  seeds of Chive Cha Cha.   As one of my friends so rightly pointed out  well Sal if you snooze you do loose.