DSCN1007I like keeping  note of all things horticultural.  Plants I want to know more about, seeds to sow, gardens to visit,design ideas.  My notebook of choice is  Moleskine.    I love their quality and robustness. Always a prime consideration for any new tool of mine.

Fitting in my pocket  means it is always to hand, enabling me to make note of countless previously unknown plants that I have either seen or read about.  My first noteworthy perennial of this year is a rather fine Rudbeckia subtomentosa Henry Eilers, described as reaching a height of 1.5 m with small yellow daisy quilled petals with a brown button middle flowering from late Summer.


I recently bought this box of RHS  postcards.  I am thinking of using them to keep clients up to date with my weekly gardening visits.  They are   exquisite botanical illustrations,  well worth the acquisition.  Far better than my scrappy note left on a piece of paper.

Image and note taking, two of my favourite horticultural activities, apart from garden making that is.   Images from week beginning 25th January 2016.