Work continues in this dreary, grey  Winter. However Last week was  perfect for planting roses, moving  deciduous shrubs whilst musing on  what to grow from seed, as I sat in several greenhouses waiting for the rain to stop.

So, with time on my hands I contemplated  colour.  Coral, raspberry, primrose yellow, burgundy, chocolate brown and burnt orange are the main contenders at present. I took  this image last year.  I loved the  colour combination and the edible element it bought to the flower border.


Thompson and Morgan have a new Cosmos this year.  Xanthos  is described as soft yellow.  To date this  is the  only  definite on my must grow  list.

I  recently moved  a vast amount of  2015 seed sown Stipa tenusimma from one garden to another .  It  was grown specifically  for a new border that needed gapping up last year.   There is now a definite structure plan that does not include Stipa, so  it is  venturing elsewhere.  Sharing plants is such a great way to create beautiful gardens.


I firmly believe that in a large border, and  if soil conditions  and light levels permit, you can never have enough  Verbena bonariensis, Stipa tenuissima  or Globe Artichoke (Violet de Provence is a favorite of mine, and comes via Sarah Raven seeds).  I spent around £6.00 on seed,  ending up with at least  forty  decent sized plants last year.

Wednesday 13th January the frost finally arrived in Shropshire. At  long last some decent Winter pruning can begin in earnest.   Pruning is one of my favorite tasks. My  tools of choice are  as always  Niwaki secateurs and my Wolfgarten anvil loppers.

My favorite January images follow. Enjoy.