018097090P1050606P1040424november 2013 100november 2013 099november 2013 104P1050586345When most people say ” I’m in the garden”  what they normally mean is that  they are sitting down and relaxing.  When I say  ” I’m  in the garden” I actually mean I am either  ankle, knee, thigh, or head deep in the border, with the latter being my favourite.  Towering  Rudbeckia herbstonne  provides  this heavenly  opportunity  regularly through the Summer.

It  is  a completely  different sensory experience  once  you  clamber  inside,  providing  a far greater sense of the dynamics of  the planting, rather than viewing from the sidelines.

Being the generous gardener I am,  this WInter  I will create  some  pathways enabling  my customers  to climb in,  so they too  can enjoy their gardens from within.