As   much as I enjoy  creating, tending  and watching  vast  borders change with the seasons, I am particularly taken by Autumn.  Soft plant material begins  to  disintegrate, seed heads form, pigments start to fail,and berries become visually dominant. This is an incredibly vibrant and exciting  time of the gardening year.


090October  appears  in the main  to be consisting of  removing plants that have outgrown both their allotted  space and visual interest, in so creating space for new interesting additions.  Kniphofia and Persicaria are presently  at the top of my interesting plant list, with  Persicaria  Red Dragon topping my  favorite foliage plant of the year.


Kniphofia  – there is just something very special about their statement  colour that appeals to me.  Recent acquisitions include Kniphofia  Lemon Bees

082  and  Kniphofia Mango Surprise

044. These Kniphofia belong to  Wendy, they looked pretty amazing in June.


There is no point in keeping plants that bore you, gardens need to be inspirational places of visual beauty, whether that is in flower, seed, stem, or berry. or  a butterfly resting on Rudbeckia herbstonne.


Enjoy your autumn gardens.   I will enjoy fourteen .