028Every year I come across new bulbs and planting stock  as I work towards trying to create perfectly balanced borders.  I recently visited  Trentham Gardens and  have finally experienced  perfect borders on a grand scale.  I think my customers will be experiencing somewhat of a  revamp of their gardens over the coming  months. The huge borders and spaces created  by Tom Stuart-Smith  and Piet Oudulf  are perfection in their spatial design and planting. I  have read about their work at Trentham and seen countless images , but to actually be there to experience it is something else altogether, it was  inspirational.  The individual elements of the giant borders  are exquisite , in its entirety this  landscape is  stunningly beautiful. To put it bluntly  I found it  quite an overwhelming and humbling  experience to  actually be there within this exceptional landscape.  You really should make a visit with your cameras.


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With so many  new ideas from Saturday, I am sure there is some way I can  incorporate elements of the landscape at Trentham, into the gardens in my care.


The above image is from 2014 .  I have since removed vast amounts of the yellow daisy , as it was beginning to run through the border swamping the Veronicastrum,  I am much  a happier with the balance  this year.


I bought this Persicaria in the winter, when it was looking particularly non-existent in its container.  I was running out of spaces for it, so in it went  between the Monbretia and Hypericum.  I love this combination.  I think I will split it up for next year, and bring  in some Amenantheles lessoni.


Vast amounts of the same plant, when a border is big enough to take it, does pack a late summer punch.  Crocosmia against the blue echinops and the Lysimachia atropurpurea is always a favorite of mine. Next year  I intend to incorporate  Buddleia Black Knight and the grass Calamagrotis Karl Forester , with its fantastic upright habit that will last all winter.



Even without rain drops on the petals the  luminosity of Tithonia the Torch continues to stop me in my tracks on a daily basis in my own garden. Home is  very much a self seeded paradise, with many a container wedged in between those self setters. Next year I intend to plant up vast containers of Helenium Herbstonne,  an incredibly tall late Summer  flowering  yellow perennial that  I have a great deal of time for.


This  kniphofia  Mango Popsickle  is a recent addition at home  I love the colour, the label informs me  it  will flower right throughout the summer.  If only I had come across it earlier.



The above  image is from 2014.  Since then I have grown on more heleniums , which are ready to go into containers to grow through my favorite grass Amenatheles lessoni.  Whichcontinues to  self seeding   ever so freely at home.

Other images from this week follow in all their late summer beauty.


Not a flower, just a perfect tool in the perfect tool belt, a mighty fine combination.