Crocosmia Lucifer is ready to burst, however have you seen Crocosmia  Hell Fire?  – a rather magnificent  blood red specimen.  In the rain it is iridescent, I would like to note that it rained quite a lot last week…P1050630


P1050558In addition to designing, implementing  and maintaining giant borders , plant propagation is pretty  high up on my list of things I love to do.  Scottish thistle is  one of my favorites, it is definitely not  for the faint hearted gardener.   I bought the seed  from  Nicky’s seeds several years ago.  Whilst it does not appear to self seed too freely, it creates  a striking sculptural element in gardens.  Beware though it is the meanest spikiest stem you can ever imagine, trying to stake it is a gardeners nightmare.


I have watched this  self- set  black currant grow in one border  for the last couple of years.  It  looks particularly well placed  against the Lysimachia atropurpurea.

P1050566P1050563This Philadelphus  amazes me with  its sheer flowering capacity every year.

My own garden is coming along very nicely. It is  doing just what I wanted it to do, in that  I have let everything self seed to almost the point  of chaos, but not quite –   Trust me I am a gardener.P1050634P1050639

More images of gardens follow,  a wet but great week to be a gardener.