Garden borders  are looking quite remarkable as  their colour and visual presence increases  exponentially.  If perennials keep on growing at this rate, I will find it difficult to wade in without squashing some prized dahlia.. This week I have mainly spent my time with  deliciously heady scented roses,  the combination of zingy citrus and  heavy musk  –  quite  a heavenly horticultural privilege.

I once designed the soft landscaping for a couple whose only remit was that I could not include roses, it was not their plant of choice.  On this occasion it was difficult to think that the customer was right,  in reality it was a tragic loss.  Roses are a  fantastic addition  in all their forms, and one that we should all give thought to.  I recently read an article  in Gardening  Which,  until now  I have always pruned   spent rose  flowers  reasonably far back down the stem. from now on in,  I will  just remove  the flowers., you  can   save yourself a week or two of waiting for new flowers to form. 080This was my favorite rose at Chelsea this year –  Jacqueline du Pre.  It was highly memorable  –  quite  beautiful in its  delicate form. Hopefully there will still be some in stock at David Austins when my sister Lou and I  pop in for tea and cake shortly

A week of some of my favorite images follow.  Sisyrinchium has self seeded, not that I am complaining.  Allium Atropurpureum is starting to make quite a statement.  Red hot pokers are doing their horticultural  thing ,  and so am I.    018030010009031 019020DSCN1008DSCN1053 Enjoy your Summer gardens.