For all you gardeners, designer’s and  plant lovers out there, the sense of heightened horticultural excitement was tangible, as my sister and I waited with the crowds  for the gates to open. I have since spent a reasonable amount of time thinking what was it that made  Chelsea 2015  such a great day for me ? I have reached my conclusion.  Show gardens were  memorable owing  to the real  sense of place that had been so gracefully created, through the designers innovative,  intelligent, and solid approach.  Attention to detail in the planting was sublime.  Additionally  many of the  gardens  were  quite dissimilar, so no blue print this year, which is  always a bonus. Geums, Roses and Peonies   were abundant, all looking  exquisite.  I could have easily  moved into several of the show gardens, in particular  the Olive Grove in the perfumers garden , sponsored by L’OCCITANE.  I  would have also  liked to have bought  the entire Peony stock from Binny Plants, and herbaceous stock  from Hardys nursery. I am now on a Geum hunt. Mrs Bradshaw might be taking a sharp exit from many of the gardens in my care. I am thinking more of Geum Totally Tangerine.  I am also searching  for boulders – unfortunately not quite of the  Chatsworth scale, they  were breathtakingly beautiful.  Who would have thought a boulder could be described as such. It is  true, believe me it is all in the detail.   Enjoy.021023026066064080090107110120149141169 This is my favourite image of 2015.   This stunning willow sculpture by Tom Hare was on the Breast Cancer Haven Garden.  It was so beautifully crafted.051