Chelsea is almost here, and I love it .   Meaningful  conversations with specialist growers.  Seriously well designed show gardens which have not been overworked and  where a  real sense of place and balance has been created through the perfect combination of hard and soft landscaping,  Feverish note taking on new  must have plants  and playing  Chelsea bingo with the  winner being the recipient  of a Pimms.  What  does the latter entail ? Listening out for conversations  which contain  “form,texture and colour” “I think I’ve seen a  celebrity”   “I’m sure I could make that at home “,”I don’t quite get the concept”   Get ten of the same and bingo, it really is as simple as that.  You really should give all of these  Chelsea activities  a try.

All the images in this post are some of my favourites  from previous Chelsea visits.  Enjoy.

2006chelsea flower show 06 059 chelsea flower show 06 004

2007chelsea 2007 011chelsea 2007 018chelsea 2007 046chelsea 2007 051chelsea 2007 057

2008May 22nd 2008 048May 22nd 2008 061May 22nd 2008 096May 22nd 2008 078May 22nd 2008 077

2009chelsea  2009 048chelsea  2009 099

2010DSCF4407 DSCF4398 DSCF4369

I have never said that it is not busy, or does not rain though..DSCN0867DSCN0983DSCF4454