P1050187Spring is here, and so marks the re-emergence of vast amounts of ground elder, which is flourishing quite merrily  in several of the gardens in my care.  This year I happened to find  in the Sarah Raven catalogue  Tagetes  minuata. I am placing a great deal of hope on my recently germinated  seedlings.  On this occasion flowering aesthetics are not a priority,  even the packet describes it as not a looker. I am hoping for the eradication of those pernicious weeds that are the bain of my gardening life.

Phenomenal gardening weather at the moment, gardens are also flourishing,ponding  and fronding.P1050234P1050229P1050260P1040232april 2013 110P1050228P1050232P1050224

I took a visit to the hairdressers last week and seemed to spend  the entire time apologizing.  I felt the need to inform them that as a gardener  my hair was likely to be full of  soil, twigs and other garden debris.april 2014 031

My newly cut hair feels clean,shiny and twig free and slightly shorter.