I am hoping for monstrous growth  from this Gunnera manicata to enable the Wild(e) family to view it from the safety of their kitchen window – a mere twenty-five metre planting distance.

DSCN1065P1010166There is definitely no place for plants of a shrinking violet nature in this garden, maybe it is something to do with their surname – or possibly it is due to employing me as their gardener who likes nothing better than designing and then caring for gardens that pack  a punch. IMGP9417

DSCN1028Later this year Helianthus Lemon Queen will mingle with Cephalaria gigantea and giant achillea.

P1040552Rudbeckia Herbstonne will stand proud again in the late Summer.

New acquisitions for this year  include Pampass, Artichoke Violet de Provence and Rheum palatum Atropurpureum.   I  just need  to make some space in what was already a  full garden in 2014.   I think  plant  donations to other gardens may well be a good idea.freyas   2013 514

I would love to include Gunnera magellanica – however it might well become lost in the undergrowth..