049 I recently  ordered a beautiful garden design book – “the gardeners garden” It definitely  goes under the description of “some books are bigger than others”  It is  inspirational and I would quite like a  year off work to undertake an around the world gardening tour. Unfortunately on that score self employment reigns supreme.  I also found this library sign at my Dads, who is an inveterate collector just in case I forget where to file it.


Truly  mild working weather  at the moment. Late winter pruning still going strong.  Unfortunately some shrub roses in one  garden appear to have taken a real blast from what I think is rose canker  I pruned them hard back,  thankfully finding  some big fat red buds close to the base of the stem. I will watch this with interest this Spring.

I have finally finished my seed wish list for this year, and   I am particularity looking forward to the delivery of Tithonia and Leonotis which I consider to be definitely statement makers. This is Leonotis in my garden last year.

Before any seed sowing occurs though I will need to clean out  the greenhouse – which this year also means making a new home for our lovely rabbit – Mr C. or Crummy to his friends. He moved in a year ago and never left, and now we need to make him a palatial new home.


I do have a great love for the grass Anemanthele lessoniana, which has self seeded like no other, it looks  fantastic particularly in late summer. It is my intention to grow Chinese Lanterns under it this year, and  Rudbeckia Green Wizard.

A little early,  I know to split things up, however I could not resist the urge last  Wednesday.  I had decided that this year one of the gardens in my care required greater structure, and  had decided  that Lanvandula angustifolia was going to be my shrub of choice. I then happened to come across an overly large Anemanthele, so a quick design change and now there  are fifteen of the aforesaid grass in this  big border.  Through this there will be a huge amount of Verbena bonariensis  and I will be growing from seed a whole heap of a  new Cosmos I saw in the Thompson and Morgan catalogue  -Cosmos Cupcake. I think it will work.

A collection of some of my favorite images from work last  week follows. 069063062060