I have  experienced  neither depression or  long-term mental health problems.  The  debilitation  it manifests is  shocking.  Over the last few days with  great gentleness and dogged determination we  have recreated a peaceful home  for my eldest sister who does.

So why write about this on my blog ? For many  years  I have  found  gardening  peaceful,  therapeutic and an essential element of my  life.  Having returned home I was physically and mentally exhausted, and could not face work.    I spent the day in my own garden, pruning, planting, clearing and drinking coffee.  It put me back on track.  I  find it inconceivable that so many people   do not  garden, or even have  plants in their homes.  Plants are the breath of life.

I carry my camera with me at all times.   Combining vast amounts of  gardening and photography  creates a sense of  positively about life which helps me  to keep on  track.  Images from this week.P1050057P1050069 P1050045P1050050P1050037