P1050029Thank goodness  I had my  horticultural  activities to hand this week.  Wild wind and horizontal rain, oh the joys of winter self employment .  From the comfort of my car I read my pruning book and added yet more seeds to my wish list.P1050028

I continue to be totally unprepared though for the intense beauty that gardens constantly throw at me.  Throughout the year I follow   hundreds of plants  from late winter leaf and  bud to flower, through to  Autumnal colour and finally  to  Winter disintegration .  Plants really do have the capacity to stop me in my tracks.  You should give it a try.

P1050033Admittedly they are early, however  the beauty of a primrose is sublime.  Tips  of tulips are  starting to protrude through their curry and gravel mulch.   Yes that is correct mixing curry powder with the top soil really does appear  to  deter squirrels .

The peonies are up.016 I prune hundreds of shrubs  each year, and I do  have a favorite  one,  which belongs to  Wendy.  On Friday  I filled an entire  wheelbarrow with spent  hips in the process.  If only I knew the cultivar.

P1050031november   2013 102

Enjoy your February garden.  I will enjoy fourteen.