Turf has recently  taken on the appearance and texture and sound  of a breakfast cereal – namely weetabix.  What we need is a deluge.


Many of the gardens in my care  are celebrating the end of July  with vibrant   floral  colour and style. Crocosmia is such a versatile plant, with its fantastic strap foliage, then its stunning flowers, and in Autumn these become fantastic structural elements, that definitely do not need cutting back in a border.  Leaving allium seed heads to dry, really does add something special to a Summer border, particularly when surrounded by vibrant orange, red and purple.  


Work this week has involved mainly  mass cutting back whilst drinking copious amounts of water,often working till the sun sets – it has been too hot to contemplate  work in the afternoon –  unbelievable for the British Isles – but true.


Aside from horticulture –   this is the best ice cream you could ever wish for.  My favourite is  still Apple pie.

Enjoy this sunshine, and the vibrancy that borders can supply.