april 2014 054

True to form. Easter Sunday was cold, grim and it chucked down.

april 2014 044

Last week the Volvo went on holiday with John and Freya to Cornwall. Undeterred I travelled with my bucket, receiving many lifts from friends, and walked many miles in sunny Shropshire. I did manage to catch a lift in a super Porshe – it was so much fun. I bet it has neither had a bucket of grubby tools in its pint size boot or a twig and soil encrusted gardener in its bucket seat before.

april 2014 021

I am on a horticultural mision to reduce the amount of Centaurea montana in the gardens in my care. There is one cultivar called Jordy – which I really do like – it has a very beautiul and quite dainty deep plum coloured flowers. However I do find the cornflower blue one quite vexacious to my spirit. I consider it an absolute pain as it spreads and squashes more delicate perennials in its rampaging pathway. I admit to having divided it up in many gardens in my earlier gardening life, and now find myself digging it out like there is no tomorrow. I am sure my customers will thank me for my assertiveness. At the back of a border it is fine. However at the front it is just wrong plant wrong place. If it happens to be your favorite plant then please accept my apologies.

april 2014

One thing I really do enjoy undertaking is a bit of heavy duty pruning. I have said this before – there really is no need to have wonky mishaped shrubs in your garden ( unless wonkiness is your design concept) I had a note from Wendy – Kill or cure was her request. The Philadelphus will be meeting with myself, and loppers and saw next week. I know it will be alright in the end.

Being a self employed gardener is not all about borders. Here are a few of my floral designs from last week for the King and Thai here in Broseley Shropshire.
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