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“Hello, I am looking for a gardener would you be interested?” has become a frequent message on the phone. Owing to a recent tally up I have reached the conclusion that fifteen gardens is quite sufficient. My main problem was that I found it incredibly difficult to say no, particularly when potential customers described their cherished but completely overgrown garden wildernesses that required urgent renovation.

When it comes to my own garden I have a Summer party for my friends. I then have no option apart from getting my gardening act together. I have recently acquired several bags of seed compost, and have been seed sowing at a rate of knots.


Within my fifteen, one is opening to the public on Sunday 4th May. It is supremely beautiful in its design and planting style, and constantly reminds me of a classic John Brookes garden and well worth a visit if you live near to Shropshire. I sometimes cannot beleive I am the gardener there, but I am – it is truly a magnificent garden.

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Seeds – twelve packets down, three soaking overnight, and another batch tomorrow. Saturday 29th March was my first real time spent in my greenhouse this year. Sunday morning it had the aroma of damp compost, in my humble opinion it was heavenly.

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Happy seed sowing everyone. Whether you are going for mass planting or just one packet, just do it, you know it makes sense. If I was only sowing one seed I think it would have to be Verbenana bonariensis. Can you believe it – it is the only seed I failed to order on my mass on line order.