march 2014 016
The sun is out (most of the time) and Spring is here. Ground elder is definitely out and about in Shropshire. Believe it or not I do actually find weeding quite therapeutic.

march 2014 018

All my seeds have arrived. I really must organise a plan of action rather than just arrange the packets on the carpet. As per the norm I was somewhat shopping basket happy when on line.

march 2014 014

Finally the ground is drying out, I can now be seen wandering around Shropshire gardens with my blue rope – all to do with my big design idea for many of the borders in my care this year. It is my intention to create huge sweeping curves with my handy rope. I just need to remove about 23 wheeley bins of ground elder first. Contenders for the curves are in the main hardy annual poppies – of varying shades of pink, purple and red with a large amount of Verbena bonariensis. I am quite taken with the idea of using Leonotis, and no curve of mine can be without Knautia Macedonia. I have a vision of magnificent blocks of Summer and Autumn colour billowing through all the perennial borders. Heres hoping

march 2014 025

How magnificent is this daffodil ? It stopped me in my tracks and in my opinion is exquisite. Encounters with flowers like this make me realise why I chose to become a gardener for my profession.