february 2014 085

It has been an incredibly productive and busy working week. I intended cutting back this Miscanthus and Veronicastrum however I decided that it looked far better in its present form. How blue was the sky on Monday ? Fantastic.

february 2014 090

I also intended to prune this dogwood, however the dark maroon colour combination with the Euphorbia was a perfect match. I think I will leave it for another week or two.

february 2014 087
This yucca was intended for a bin, when I noticed that it had rooted itself in the compost pile – plants are just so clever.

february 2014 093february 2014 080

Thursday I worked in five gardens – still not sure how I managed this. I also compiled my 2014 seed list – It would appear that my present intentions see me attempting to grow 59 different plants – dream on Sal. Mainly hardy annuals which I intend to sow directly between the brick pavers at home, and in giant swathes through my customers gardens.

december 2013 297

Friday night – it was my intention to clean out the car and my tools.