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Door garlands – they are definitely not solely for Christmas. Friends still have my festive gifts on their doors- or maybe they quickly put them up when they know I am due for a gardening visit ?

After nine years of self employment I might have finally found my winter occupation. Garlands – something to keep me inside on those intolerable and seemingly frequent wet weather days. There are only so many waterproofs I can go through in a day – three being my record to date.

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Even through this totally grim weather – I always know that there will be some phenomenal eye popping colour in the gardens. Cyclamen against Cornus Sanguinea Midwinter Fire, and an ocean of snowdrops that for a second had me fooled into thinking it was snow (if only)

I recently saw a dreamy design image on IntoGardens (a fabulous gardening website, and much more). Basically very long lengths of willow woven into some jaw dropping gorgeous flowing shapes. So coming to a border in Bourton, a sinuous strip of willow 40 metres in length will be snaking through Eleanor’s garden in the near future. As a garden maker I cannot tell you how much I want to get going on that one. Here’s hoping for a dry Friday.