In most gardens the ground is pretty damp , however still just about workable.  Only two gardens are heavy clay – so that is it until Spring.  I  suppose I could make weekly visits and  create  garden ornaments  and pots and other such interesting things.

I have been planting off sets of  Verbascum Olympian in  a garden that  I consider to have all the physical attributes of the North face of the Eiger  this week.    It made me laugh so much – one of my friends had been telling some visitors that I had been the gardener responsible for a fabulous garden.  Right road, not quite the right house though.   However this garden  is moving towards looking fabulous, and hopefully in  my, Michelle’s and the owners mind by the end of the gardening year it will.   This particular garden sits in an  incredibly steep landscape, with retaining walls like no other.    One of my ideas this year is to somehow put a whole heap of poppy seeds in to a paste that will not inhibit germination  and squeeze them into any spaces in the wall.  These images are from summer 2013

At times I cannot believe I am the gardener here.   I drove past this house for two years, wishing   I could have a job to help to celebrate  the vertical nature of this  garden, and now I am.