Without  doubt 2013 was  a brilliant  year, gardens  flourished, continuing  to surprise and delight my senses throughout  the  year.    I cannot express the great joy that being a gardener instills in me.

We  recently travelled through the  Cornish Landscape.  John and I discussed the  pallet  that defines Cornish colours  – the burnt  orange, acid yellow and dull silver lichen on tree limbs.  the  flat green of the  pines, the blue of the sky that is only ever found on a coast line peninsular.   This beautiful  winter landscape is John Nash like in its appearance.   I am constantly fascinated by colour, and how it continues to  evoke emotion and provide and assist  me with ideas for new planting  concepts.   Do not become beige ,learn how to use colour to its full and dynamic advantage.   In addition to this , if possible  I would also recommend that we should all have a go at  looking  with our ears and hearing  with our eyes.   No this is not a terrible grammatical error brought on by New Years Eve .    Give it a go, you might find it is what your  life has been missing ( or not ..)  it actually makes a great deal of sense, and  can make  life  a little more fun.   

I have been considering what new horticultural adventures I may take up this year.  So far  mass bulb, tuber and corm planting  is top of my list.   I am particularly keen on non run of the mill annuals and biennials.   I have so far really only experimented in my own garden.   This year,  they will be appearing in the gardens I care for.    I can see it now  mass amounts of  big blasts of colour from annuals slipping in beside blocks of  perennials.   Imagine blocks of burnt orange Leonotis,  huge amounts of  Amaranthus Dreadlocks .      This year will be hopefully be remembered as the year of colour coordinated drifts of annuals  and wildflowers for myself and  my customers and  several thousand   square foot  of Shropshire soil.    The adventure starts here.  

These are my favorite images of 2013.  

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