december   2013 136 

 I am almost at the end of my eighth year of being a self-employed gardener, only one garden to get to, then my Christmas break  can begin.   My  gardening muscles  are definitely in need of a  holiday, I am looking forward to putting away my loppers and secateurs for a week or two.

Without a doubt, it  has been an incredible working year , new gardens,  gardens moving forward , borders becoming  bigger and better in their content , colour and effect .   I have enjoyed it all  immensely.  I am so glad that I have chosen the profession of horticulture.  Personally I cannot think of anything I would rather be doing.

Dare I even think it, let alone utter it, but here goes –   I am actually waiting for a good frost here in  Shropshire.    One of the reasons I chose to be a gardener,  was  because I love  being  surrounded on a daily basis  by  the seasons and the variations they  throw at us.     I have missed the opportunity to take frosty garden  images – no doubt my time will come, and I will be contemplating frost toes, and the desire for a full-time  indoor job within the next month.     So whilst we really have had no frost  I  continue to take  countless images . This particular garden has  such a bulk  of  herbaceous planting, and it made me stand and stare on Wednesday, almost to the same extent as  when this garden is  in its full summer beauty.   I would go as far to say that this garden is looking magnificent in  all its browness.   I am not cutting it back.

december   2013 158

Thankfully all my 2,500 bulbs are planted  – well those bought for my customers anyway.  I buy the majority from Parkers –   I think the quality is really good, and  extremely well priced.

november   2013 125

I love this bulb bag.  It just made me think that the bulbs had been counted out by a happy gardener

november   2013 130

At the is time of year I make door garlands.    This  year my theme is chillies and  wire flowers.  This one is for my friend Suree Coates  a phenomenal South Asian Curry Chef .

december   2013 200

Heres  another one I made earlier .

Aside from all things horticultural we had a bit of a Christmas party with all our neighbours on Saturday.  We had so much fun and all that was left was this sparkly Olive.  

december   2013 187

My  lemon pudding  – double cream, and carnation milk went down a storm. 

december   2013 168