Fashion it might not be,  however I  do think about what I wear to prune and shape those Shropshire borders on a daily basis.   My thermals are on, anything with Merino wool is always a firm favorite, and a  coat that stands the test of four hours of rain –    What can I say apart from ” Ventile ”  a gardeners dream.    I recently started following  a fashion blog.  I  find it fascinating,  looking at the images which  often use  the colours, patterns and images of plant and flowers and berries as inspiration .

Gardens too require  a  capsule winter clothing  collection  to stand them in good stead over this winter period.   A good base layer,  check out those Hellebore leaves, and  Epimediums.november   2013 133

Mid layer,  I have always had a bit of a thing for  clipped box, and yew.  I have just moved several  in a garden, as they were so randomly placed that they had no effect at all.    There  are  now  six in  a  triangular shape  set  over a large space.  I think it will work.      

november   2013 076

And the top layer ,   dogwoods are starting to take their dominant  winter presence.  

november   2013 112

I have spent the morning weeding docks from heavy clay,and the afternoon hanging off a garden that reminds me of the North face of the Eiger – Vertical it definitely is, and definitely full of weeds.  Followed by 25 flower arrangements for my only inside job.   I love it,  warm and the heady scent of Thai cuisine as I arrange.  I  did spear some lemon segments onto a piece of dogwood , I thought it might look quite artistic.  Needless to say it did not get past the concept stage.   In reality it looked terrible !   

november   2013 130

However this is my door garland for the King and Thai  restaurant.   I very much hope the kitchen does not run out of chillies and that they remain  on for the whole of the Christmas period.

november   2013 122

Finally – we have a bit of a squirrel problem in one garden, and we now have a solution to  deter them.     It worked last year, so, here we go again.     Curry powder in the top layer of compost, and it makes the containers smell beautiful  –  well if you like curry that is.