july    2013 200

For one customer I make a bouquet from the garden every week.  I believe that skilled florists  possess supreme  design knowledge  and need to be keenly watched by us  garden designers when it comes to trending on  colour, shape, form  and space creation.   I would consider that I am only dipping my toe in the shallow end of the gene pool when it comes to floristry prowess My annual visit to Chelsea always finds me hot footing  over to the floristry Marquee.   Never failing to disappoint, exceptional design  –  highly of the now, if not trending for the future.    if you happen to go to Chelsea get yourself over to check those florists out.


I taught horticulture for Wolverhampton City College for several years.   Pam and Jane were the  florists,  I am sure they would be proud of my latest self employment adventure.    I was always leafing through their design books when I should have no doubt been doing some lesson preparation.    If I had been brave enough I would have  had my wedding dress partially made from  flowers –  I was truly inspired by a dress designed  by Alexander McQueen.   Instead I wore this arm wrap.  Our daughter Freya looked so beautiful in her head dress.  All made by Pam Bennett from college –  who I would consider to be a marathon swimmer when it comes to the floristry gene pool of talent.  


So as well as weeding , pruning and getting wet  over the next few months, I will now be creating and thinking about fusing flowers, herbs and veg  every week  in a warm restaurant.  I  have by pure luck become the florist for the King and Thai in Broseley, where I also look after the gardens –  flowers play a big part of  Surree and her teams  menu.   This week  I have been wiring willow and Chinese lantern flowers for a  Halloween effect.       I will also be creating oversized door garlands this winter – available in large, extra-large or giant – depending on your door size.     I hope one day that all my additional jobs will lead to early retirement –  needless to say being a gardener I think this is a bit of a dream, more likely that I will be charging half rates by the time I get to 50 due to slowing down, or getting stuck  or loosing my way in a giant border.

march 2013 029

Bulbs arrived this week – just slightly over  2,500 of them.    I  have this year gone for masses of  Allium Atropurpureum ; they possess  the colour of  concentrated ribenna,   not quite globe shape more compressed umbel and still standing proud as a brilliant  seed head at the moment.     Also Fritillaria Persica  which has a bulb the size of a tennis ball, and a magnificent dark purple flower head.  

may  2013 019

Aside from horticulture  I had a rare viewing of  Coronation Street last week.    I laughed  so much,   I have never seen so many actors drinking tea from  the  oversize mugs, every next tea shot was in an even larger mug.   Sadly  I left my Mancunian tea mug drinking years ago,  I only sip elegantly from  China tea cups  these days, as my friends will confirm.