freyas   2013 514

It is a very fine line and a can create quite a quandary in how much to cut back at this time of year. For what I consider to be a stately presence, others might not have the same point of view.

freyas   2013 515

It is a fact many herbaceous perennials are starting to fail, with some fantastic seed heads are forming, others are just sort of dissolving in a dishevelled rotten heap – however for the short term they too add to this special time of year as Autumn heads in, and Summer steps back.

So making the decision whether to cut back or not is something that I do not take lightly, as I do not want to become known as the garden butcher of Broseley. I stand, I think, I occasionally cut back, but more often than not I tend to leave and admire the new Autumnal colour and…

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