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One of the gardens in my care involves a fortnightly three hour visit , which in reality means there is never quite enough time to get round. One job in particular springs to mind – and that is their greenhouse. I dread to think what could be lurking inside. I love it, and will clear it out when there is an opportunity. In the meantime it is in my opinion a garden art installation like no other.

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This year I set off on a mission to grow as many tomatoes as I could. I am succeding quite well, apart from the fact that the majority still resemble green marbles. On the subject of ripe ones – I have so far managed one Black Krim – which was delicious, the rest are still very much Green Krims. The Tigerellas are looking like their strips might turn to something that resembles the image on the packet. On the plus side The gardeners delight are slowly getting there. Typically though my neightbours are away and I have been in charge of their tomatoes , needless to say theirs are fine, they obviously did all the right things before they jetted off. Having taught horticulture for 6 years I know exactly what to do, however I never quite got round to it myself, its all true what they say about pinching out and feeding them. Yesterday a new seed catalogue arrived – I have come across a new tomatoe variety called Green Envy – which I might give a go – it is green when it is ripe. Anyone for Green tomatoe chutney ?

Friday 6th September was the first rained off gardening day in months. I went through two coats, and four pairs of gloves before finally giving up. On the plus side it did mean an afternoon off, which is not a bad thing. Let me tell you working as a gardener has been quite relentless this summer.

No rest for the Ellis family – Sunday 8th saw us all off to strim, weed and prune – unfortunately not in our garden. I really could do with employing myself for 3 hours a week, I could get my garden into shape in no time. However I do very much enjoy the wildness and freeness of my own garden which has become a self seeded haven for grasses, perennials and herbs.

People ask me what is the reason for your blog ? I am not sure of the exact answer to that question. I mainly love writing about my life as a gardener. I do not intend to write about the science of horticulture as there are so many great blogs and web sites on that score. This is about me, my love for great plants and gardens and what I see, and feel and think. I do know why I love to garden though- it is a combination of physical excercise, and the constant cerebral process that goes into designing and making beautiful gardens.

Finally I thought I must include this image, what a fantastic greenhouse – I would not mind being employed in this Cornish greenhouse.

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