Every week I climb in and out of 13 borders I love it. Wading knee deep through foliage and head high flowers. I would recommend that you find a border to climb into to admire close-up the glory of amazing summer colour that our gardens are experiencing.

july    2013 195



A couple of suggestions to assist in your border journey.

1. You do require a large border, rather than one that skims the edge of your garden, otherwise it could look like you have just lost your footing and stumbled in, or you are waiting for a number 59 bus.

2. Best not to choose a public garden.

3.Take some sandwiches and a beer and a deck chair.

july    2013 194

I designed and planted a huge border for a friend a few years back. The perennials are particularly large, if not huge, you really cannot be seen if you are sitting in a low slung chair. I do not think they have ever used it for the purpose of sitting inside, however as I climb in and out to weed on a weekly basis, I just love it. You really do experience a complelety different feel for the garden rather than viewing from the side lines. At the moment this border is scarlet red, fuschia pink, helianthus yellow, and lavender purple

I ran out of time this year to time to plant my veg in their alloted patch, so have them all in huge containers surrounding where we like to sit. It makes for an interesting seating arrangement, particulalry as we have just come back from a weeks holiday. Courgettes and nasturtians appear to have a mind of their own. Salad is growing in huge growers trays on the table, I have this idea of picking and eating all at the same time.

We had some friends round a few weeks ago. A bit of a novelty for us no one ever comes to see us. Everyone says it is too cold in the winter, and too busy in the summer. Beany hats and thermals by the multiple layer are the norm in our house, even the gerbil has one. Anyway I bought the salad tray in from the garden, it all looked very Nobu and I had made a loaf of bread, if only I had hand turned the butter and made the goats cheese.

Finally I cannot beleive how many wheelbarrows of spent flowers I have cut back today, unbeleivable as I have only had a week off work. One customer has two pot bellied pigs, they were in flower nibbling heaven with my offerings today.