july 2013 173

Monday 22nd July 2013 what a morning. All set to leap into the car after three hot hours of weeding and deadheading. I am sure we have all experienced that feeling of dread when the car keys are not in your pocket and you really have no idea where to look ? This garden is huge and I had wandered everywhere, and to cap it all we only have one set of keys, the owner was on holiday, and my mobile had no coverage.

After an age of frantic searching I suddenly remembered I had taken a huge amount of images. So just like Miss Marple (or in this case make that Mrs Ellis) I followed the floral evidence, eventually finding my keys lurking in the undergrowth of a large mass of Monbretia – phew.

july 2013 092

July has been a truly magnificent month for admiring the splendour and beauty of gardens. I have in particular developed a heightened sense of true adoration for roses, and can often be found just standing and smelling the view in many of the gardens I care for. The only downside is that lawns have taken on the appearance and sound of dry weetabix.

I recently started working in a new garden, so for five hours each week I am to be found just weeding and pruning. I really did not think that a maintenance job could make me so happy, and I have now worked out the reason for this new found happiness. In all the other gardens in my care, I am constantly working on piecing them together to create a long term visual horticultural delight. In this new garden I can just go and weed and prune as it is perfectly delightful. We all know there is no such thing as a finished garden, they constantly evolve and change. Plants self seed, become prolific or curl up in a corner and that is why I love to garden. Gardens change on daily basis, and I thoroughly enjoy responding to this. It is good to be have a flexible approach and to be able to accept ones successes and and non successes when it comes to gardening and life in general. In this new garden plants are self seeding, and I am leaving some and removing others. However I would not say I am planning for change. I am gardening and learning about colour and plant combinations, and I am loving my weekly therapeutic five hours.

july 2013 075

On a final note I went to pick my daughter up from a friend’s house this morning, and was given a tour of their garden. What a garden. It was a truly fantastic collection of cultivated perennials mixed with wild flowers, herbs, grasses, all sort of perennials that many would consider a weed. It was natural, it was relaxed and informal and it had a magnificent presence. It was neither formal, or weed free, but that really did not matter as it was so beautiful and I just wish I could create someone a garden like that. Well there is always next year to find a new garden to work in.