june   2013 103

It is my sixth year of gardening in Shropshire. I have now dug out several hundred square meters of new borders, which are now bursting at the seams with the heady scent of roses and a mass of perennials and shrubs.

Thankfully everyone I work for took on my long term vision of digging up their gardens on a weekly basis, with me cheerfully saying give it a year or three, and it will all be marvellous. I only ever made a plan for one customer, I found it a while ago, good job I never handed it over as it bears very little resemblence to anything that I drew.

My own garden is definitely in need of some attention, due to 14 gardens to fit in, it leaves me very little time for my own. So I am considering inviting all my gardening friends over for a party. I think the invite might go along the lines of don’t bother to bring a bottle – just bring all your heavy duty pieces of gardening equipment to help me to create my own beautiful wilderness.

june   2013 083

I recently watched a fascinating programme on mentors, it left me wishing that I could find someone to help me in my ongoing horticultural education. Eventhough I would like to consider that I have a good plant and garden design knowledge, realistically I am only scratching the surface of a super large ice berg. Then the phone rings, and would I be interested in going to look at a new garden ? I knew perfectly well that one more garden could quite easily tip my work balance into gardening chaos, but a visit would not hurt.

I said yes to this garden, and now have a five hour Friday evening job. It is one of the most magnificent gardens I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. It is the garden of a truelly knowledgable plantswoman and a great garden designer, and it is my job to keep it in check. The choice of shrubs is endless and quite sublime – a eucalyptus coloured berberis with primrose yellow coloured flowers, an almost black rhododendron, it is all quite perfectly beautiful. I still cannot beleive that I have had the opportunity to work here, and it really is my mentor. Each week I take note of previously unheard of plants, this week it was the turn of Fothergilla Blue Shadow. This garden is dream like in its beauty and I cannot beleive that I am now the gardener. So take note, wishing for positive things really can happen, if you really want them to.

Finally I happenend to be at work in the pouring rain last week, my handy tip is never to wear cord trousers to work . I never have before and can confirm that I never will again. The rain seemed to soak and seep quite well up my trouser leg, it was grim. It was just like experiencing translocation in the plant world.