chelsea 2013 188

My annual visit to Chelsea flower show with my sister Louise is truly my favourite day of the year, and this year I went three times, I can only describe it as horticultural heaven to me. I must admit to wandering around in a dream like haze from garden to garden, and talking plants with my sister (thankfully we share a Wicks gene with regard to being able to discuss plants for hours) It is a good job I take a whole heap of images to remind myself of my visit.

I bought a beautiful dress for the occasion, however it was so blooming cold, I decided not to brave the elements. Jeans, raincoats, gloves and thermal socks appeared to be the Chelsea vogue this year.

So with it having been the centenary show, I spent weeks beforehand thinking about what would I see that would make it memorable ?

Chelsea 2013 was full of beautifully designed gardens and exquisite planting. Personally I do think the wow factor was missing in the majority of the bigger show gardens though. The small gardens and floral pavillion were in my opinion a different matter all together, the displays were stunning, and the designers had really pushed the boundaries. So my personal memory of Chelsea 2013 was the floral pavillion, and these beautiful bird sculptures.

chelsea 2013 172

I have finally finished sowing all my seeds for this year. Hopefully this will lead to the wild wilderness I am aiming for. A few years ago I entered our local Broseley horticultural show, my wild floral arrangement was narrowly pipped to the post for best exhibit in show by five potatoes. I hear it was a difficult decision, obviously the best potato won.