may  2013 016

When I first started gardening, my concept of how to use colour was to fill a border with as many colours as I could. The thought of a garden full of green foliage and flowers, had me literally running to the nearest nursery. Twenty years later, I find myself constantly redefining my use of the colour palette. I recently took this image of a Hellebore, I would go as far to say the colour is sublime.

Euphorbia wulfenii characias is a favourite of mine. The lime green bracts against the purple primula are visually stunning. Chuck out the Apple white and grass green paint, as gardeners we need to find a paint manufacturer to create hellebore green and Euphorbia green for our homes.

may  2013 001

Aside from gardening, I once painted an entire room that had the effect of looking like a bowl of tomato soup by the time I had finished (that definitely was not the colour description I was aiming for) For some very strange reason I then went for brown gloss woodwork, I leave the final image to your imagination.

I garden for a great couple, who happen to have the surname White. For the last two years I have been creating such a garden- white lupins, ammi majus, white poppies, white veronicastrum. I could provide a detailed plant list, however I will post an image when we get to mid summer.

On a final note, if only I could find a Mr and Mrs Brown with a daughter Scarlet to garden for, I have a border full of ideas.