I have recently taken on two new gardening jobs, which means a different  drive to work .  Spring is in full swing  here in Shropshire, so  I now drive down lanes full of primroses, white anemones, honesty and celandine that I have never seen before.  I would suggest  that we all take a different journey to our work place at least once a week.   You may not necessarily be focusing on  plant habitats, but you may well find something fantastic that you have never come across before.  I would thoroughly recommend it.

Gardens are starting to billow with perennials,  annual and perennial weeds are  truly rampaging through the borders.  Today I weeded ground elder for 6 hours.  On  a high note I have not been rained off work for days .   

I  came across some well chewed honesty last week, and was pretty annoyed that whatever small mammal had been devouring  had really cut back into the plants.  However whatever it was has somehow mastered the  Chelsea chop, and they are all now self branching, to create even more flower stems.

I popped to Manchester to see my lovely Dad last Friday night, we had fish and chips.  Thankfully I avoided his offer of mushy peas,  I think I must have a memory from primary school dinners.

From my notes I managed 31 hours of gardening last week, on top of that there  is always my garden that needs some loving care.   I am half expecting to receive a note through my door, offering a garden renovation service .  I  think I might take the offer up.