april 2013 110

At last ( to be precise Wednesday April 10th) the gardens of Shropshire finally decided that Spring had well and truely arrived. I celebrated by squashing my finger as I was taking my tools out. My index finger and I can confirm that Volvos are not the lightest of doors to be squashed in. Needless to say I have battled on with my first injury of the gardening year, unless you can count the hazel twig that I pinged in my eye last month – boy was that painful. You need to be tough to survive as a gardener.

The east wind appears to have subsided. Primroses are unfurling,and ground elder is now abundant. I am having a great deal of horticultural fun imagining my planting ideas for 2013. On Thursday my attention turned to a beautiful garden on the steep slopes of the Ironbridge George. Whats new for 2013 in this garden ?  There is in existence a beautiful rose border which I think could  be complemented with purple veronicastrum ,  pale pink japanese anenomes , and deep purple lupins.  Lets hope they can all join  forces against whatever the summer weather brings our way.

I had the urge to be in my greenhouse after work today, all my dutiful household tasks were set aside for an hour or two. My pumpkin and courgette seeds are now soaking overnight. Leeks and white rosebay wllow herb have now germinated. My sister Louise is fifty this year,and I have had this thought that I will grow her the equivlalent number of different plants. I better get a move on otherwise it could well be 50 leek seedlings.

Next week – hopefully if the weather holds I will be able to get to ten gardens – heres hoping.