“Just like a christmas pudding” , that is the only way I can think to accurately describe the texture and consistency of the majority of the soil I have had the pleasure of seeing in Shropshire this week.   

Snow started falling again on Friday and did not stop till this morning  – Sunday.   So there has been plenty of time for family sledging, rather than  weeding.    

All my new seeds arrived this week.  It has been incredibly difficult to restrain myself from sowing them in my super (but  unheated )greenhouse.  So have spent time imagining  100% germination rate, followed by a super flowering season for  deep purple cosmos,  artichokes, acid green dill.

I seem to have spent alot of time this week imagining  –  sunshine, constant warm weather, a  full week of gardening work.

Like many people who are  self employed gardeners ,  working hard, and having beleif in ones worth, is what keeps us going  in inclement weather conditions.   As well as knee deep snow,  I have this week seen primroses, felt the warmness of the spring sunshine on my back, and drunk many a cup of coffee in beautiful gardens.  I have also just started working for the British Plant Nursery Guide, which allows me to visit some fantastic nurseries and horticulturalists in Shropshire and Cheshire – my only hope is that I do not spend my newly earned income on those must have plants ..

snow stops work

snow stops work