march 2013 021

It has been an interesting week for work  –  Spring sunshine, followed by  rain, and today a sea mist  seems to have settled  over Shropshire. So overall it has not been my most prolific  working  week, and  I think snow may well be on the way for next week.

Owing to this  my thoughts have turned to lost and found, rather than the Spring beauty of primroses, snowdrops and unfortunately the early signs of rampaging ground elder.   I found this dinosaur in a garden earlier this week , and thought he would make a great image.   Several years ago, but it is still very clear in my mind I also found several sheep  in a garden who then  took a great liking to my customers roses – that was a disaster.  

Loosing secateurs has become an occupational hazard – 3 pairs of secateurs have disappeared down embankments and into  green wheeley bins, as well as countless mobiles and hand tools.   On one occasion  I did re find a phone   – Apple the border terrier happened to be wandering through the long grass ,  stood on the key pad, and it leapt back to life (the phone and not the dog ) 

I think I just need to be more organised and concentrate on one gardening task  at a time, I am sure that will go some way to cure my capacity for  looseing tools however that is not in my nature – so I have no one to blame apart from myself.

Finally on  the subject of found – mole hills and rabbit holes are a constant find in lawns and borders.